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The Evolution of Musical Genius:
Uhmbrella Unveiled

In the vast realm of music, Uhmbrella emerges as a beacon of innovation, blending the profound art of sound with the precision of technology. We’ve cultivated a space where the heartbeat of a song meets the pulse of advanced algorithms, ensuring that every creator, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, finds their sound with us.

Venture into the depths of our Smart Library Model (SLM). A treasure trove of rich vocals, dynamic stems, captivating samples, and melodic loops. These aren’t just sounds; they’re the building blocks for AI-driven symphonies that resonate with unparalleled uniqueness.

At Uhmbrella, it’s not just about creating; it’s about valuing every creative spark. Our in-app currency, celebrates your artistry, transforming each musical endeavor into tangible rewards. With each chord, beat, and collaboration, you’re not just making music; you’re creating value. Step into the future of music with Uhmbrella and reshape the soundscape of tomorrow.

Create, Craft, Conquer:
The Uhmbrella Way

Turn your musical ideas into reality in just a few taps. With Uhmbrella’s mobile app:

  1. Select Your Stems: Browse through our Smart Library Model (SLM) to find the perfect sound.
  2. Generate with AI: Let our advanced AI engine craft a unique piece or customize it your way.
  3. Edit & Enhance: Use intuitive tools to tweak and tune your track to perfection.
  4. Share & Shine: Stamp your creation for the world to hear, right from the app.


Dynamic Music Creation: Sound Meets Innovation

With Uhmbrella, every hum, vocal note, and the subtle strumming of an acoustic instrument can be the foundation of your next music masterpiece. Dive into an unparalleled musical journey, where our cutting-edge AI analyzes your recordings, curating and enhancing them into full compositions. Beyond the ordinary, it’s an immersive creative process, tailored to your sound. Once crafted, your unique piece stands ready to be stamped, shared, and collaboratively refined within Uhmbrella’s thriving community of artists and creators.

    Smart Credits: Real-Value Currency for Music Creation

    Just as in-game currency powers gaming platforms, Smart Credits are the lifeblood for every music creator on Uhmbrella. Whether you’re diving deep into AI music generation, stamping tracks to be used in our Smart Library (SLM), or utilizing our AI audio splitter, Smart Credits are your creative currency.

    More Than Just In-App Currency
    It’s a tangible reflection of your contribution, holding real-world value. As your stems and tracks gain traction, your Smart Credit balance flourishes. Spend it within our ecosystem, or convert it to real cash. Welcome to where creativity meets tangible reward.

    The VST Plugin: Elevate Your DAW Experience

    Crafting music within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) has never been more intuitive or innovative. The Uhmbrella VST plugin seamlessly integrates with your DAW, providing you with a suite of groundbreaking tools designed to enhance your creative process:

    1. Smart Library Access: Dive directly into the expansive Smart Library Model (SLM) from within your DAW. Handpick and drag stems, samples, and loops that resonate with your track’s mood and direction.
    2. AI-Powered Creativity:¬†Stuck with writer’s block or need inspiration? Harness the AI engine to suggest melodies, beats, or even full compositions based on your selected stems or existing project elements.
    3. Stem Stamping and Sharing: Every stem or track created can be stamped directly from the plugin, ensuring its authenticity and origin. Collaborate with other artists or share your stamped stems, knowing your creations are traceable and protected.
    4. Smart Credits Integration: As you craft, leverage the in-plugin Smart Credit system. Pay for unique stems, earn from your contributions to the SLM, or cash out your credits. It’s a dynamic ecosystem that values your creativity and contributions.


    Stamping & Collaboration: Revolutionizing Music Creation in the Digital Age

    In the digital world, music creation is more than just composing a tune; it’s about ensuring authenticity, recognizing contributions, and fostering collaboration. At Uhmbrella, we’ve woven these principles into the very fabric of our platform through our innovative stamping mechanism.

    1. The Power of Stamping: Each time a stem is created, it’s stamped into our Smart Library Model (SLM). This isn’t just a mere tag. It’s a comprehensive digital fingerprint that encompasses metadata, song credits, contributor details, and more. This ensures that every piece of music retains its unique identity and origin.

    2. Enriching the AI Engine: As more stems get stamped with rich metadata, our AI engine becomes more adept. With a wealth of information at its disposal, it can generate music of superior quality, reflecting nuances that make songs resonate deeper.

    3. Stem Marketplace – A Hub for Collaboration: Within the Uhmbrella VST plugin lies a thriving marketplace of stamped stems that live within our SLM. Here, creators can explore, purchase, and incorporate unique sounds into their projects. But it’s not just about buying and selling; it’s about connecting. By tagging fellow Uhmbrella users during the stamping process, you can initiate collaborations, blending your creative energies to produce tracks that are truly one-of-a-kind.

    4. Easy Contributor Recognition: With the integrated tagging system, adding a collaborator’s name to a song’s metadata becomes effortless. As you co-create, every contribution is acknowledged, ensuring that credits and royalty splits are always accurate and inclusive.

    5. A New Era of Music Creation: Through stamping, Uhmbrella is redefining how music is created, shared, and monetized. We’re championing transparency, fostering genuine collaborations, and ensuring that every note, beat, and voice gets the recognition it truly deserves.

    What the industry is saying about us…

    Midia Research

    “Uhmbrella is ahead of the curve.”

    SVP, Universal Music Group

    “Uhmbrella is the future of music creation and is what’s needed but missing in the market.”

    Co-founder, STOOTY Technologies

    “Uhmbrella is the future period”


    Co-founder, SmartLabel

    “Uhmbrella is leveling the field by giving true ownership to the artist at the source of creation.”

    Engineer/Producer Oscar winning, Grammy nominated

    “One of my favorite startups breaking ground in 2022.”