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Empowering music creators in the new era of smart technology and generative AI.

Stamp It As Yours at Creation

We empower producers and artists to stamp every element of their song at creation. Each vocal and instrument stem or loop can can be stamped with meta data, and permanently attached with smart contract technology. Even the lyrics.

We give you total control over every part of your song, all within your work-flow and digital audio workstation. Gain access, to a growing library, secondary marketplace and partner distribution channels for your music and its elements. Your song becomes a collection of digital assets, monetized within your DAW.

Digital Asset Ownership

We create transparency for rights holders and interested partners. Everyone can see who the original creator(s) of the music were, down to each sound, sample, loop and stem. Time stamped, with all of the ownership history since creation.

In this new world, ownership of the digital asset will serve as the keys for usage rights. If a hit song is made with your sample, its value could potentially increase, and the current owner could potentially sell it for a higher price, also benefiting the original creator, who earns a transaction fee on all future sales.

Stamp your music with song credits and track every element of your song wherever it goes.

Collab with others and never worry about fair royalty splits again.

Royalty Sharing

Never worry about royalty sharing when collaborating with another music creator ever again. Creators have total control over their royalty splits and can set the percentages while creating or collaborating with other artists.

You’re in Control of Your Music

Sell exclusive, limited, or unlimited songs, samples, loops or stem packs with usage rights tied to the smart contract, giving you transparent and digital ownership, with or without royalty share, while retaining transaction fees on future secondary market sales.


Imagine a future song that goes viral, and that song used your vocal, stem, loop or sample, paying you royalties in perpetuity, all because you officially stamped it through Uhmbrella, and took full advantage of smart contract and blockchain technology.

It’s time we take our power back.


Our community drops the perfect features for songs within the Uhmbrella ecosystem. There hasn’t been a marketplace for buying and selling feature verses and beat stems with royalty tracking attached until Uhmbrella.

“A rapper’s guest verse rate is a sign of relevance, and as their popularity grows, so does their rate. DaBaby, for instance, went from charging $5,000 to $300,000 in a matter of three years. A higher price tag also means higher expectations, though. If an artist is charging six figures for a guest verse, it better translate to a big bump in sales or critical acclaim.” 
– How Much Do Rappers Charge For Features?

Leverage a great feature and build your brand.

What the industry is saying about us…

SVP, Universal Music Group

“Uhmbrella is the future of music production and is what’s needed but missing in the market.”

Co-founder, STOOTY Technologies

“Uhmbrella is the future period”


Co-founder, SmartLabel

“Uhmbrella is leveling the field by giving true ownership to the artist at the source of creation.”

Engineer/Producer Oscar winning, Grammy nominated

“One of my favorite startups breaking ground in 2022.”

Take ownership at creation.