Uhmbrella is a music production ecosystem that provides the tools for creators to bring their music onto the blockchain. The blockchain allows individual components of music creation (audio samples, loops, stems, etc) to be tracked from original creation, flowing downstream to any songs that end up using these components. Using smart contract technology, original creators can set their own terms for royalty sharing and usage rights of the music, while also being confirmed on the public blockchain as the original creator of the music. This game changing technology will revolutionize the music production industry, dramatically simplifying rights management, royalty sharing, and workflow processes, while arming creators with the tools to optimize their financial success and strengthen their brand.


Drew L. Belardo

Drew Belardo Co-founder & CEO
visionary behind Machete Collective and its flagship product, Uhmbrella. Music producer and audio engineer since 1998. An entrepreneur and former Arabica coffee farm owner, launching the first coffee tree adoption program in the Caribbean and third in the world, helping four coffee farms go to harvest after hurricane Maria destroyed 90% of the coffee trees in Puerto Rico

Eric Peterson Co-founder & COO
Music producer and experienced Investment Analyst in the hedge fund industry. Expert in industry research, analyzing company business models and strategies, risk management, asset valuation, investment management, trading, and operations. MBA from University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.


Brad Mrumlinski
Lead Engineer
Passionate about open source technologies. From MusicTech to FinTech. A Full Stack Developer, former VP of Engineering, and professional audio engineer on a mission to build, promote and nurture the leading Web 3 ecosystem for the music industry on the blockchain.

Alvaro G. Velilla
SVP New Business Universal Music Group
Founder of Pulselocker (sold to Beatport) and former director of Business Development at Soundcloud. Alvaro has over twenty years of experience driving business transformation at the intersection of Music, Technology, Entertainment, and Creative Industries.